Phony Blues Band

GRM Records Announces New Name

Los Angeles based record label GRM Records will additionally identify as Phony Blues Band Records


LOS ANGELES – Dec. 3, 2021GRM Records announced today that it has formally changed its name to Phony Blues Band Records. Although the legacy label name GRM Records will continue to be used in conjunction with Phony Blues Band Records, for marketing and branding purposes the company will immediately begin to refer to itself under the new brand name.

Phony Blues Band will also be used as a pseudonym for the label’s partner owner, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Darren Farris.

“I always wanted to release my music under a band name. I never really wanted to market myself, but a name and face has to be on the package,” says Farris. “PBB (Phony Blues Band) is a way for me to let my music live outside of me.”

Farris, most notable for the 2008 hit single “Jenna” says that under the new name, comes new ideas and new directions for the Grammy Recording Academy alumni.

“I have all these ideas, but I just don’t have time in my life to go back through the “mainstream machine” again. It’s an overwhelming hassle, with very little payoff, outside of getting your work seen. Although I do appreciate all the organizations that supported my music when we released PI (Psychopathic Issues) in 2008, I just want to enjoy creating,” continued Farris.

PBB (Phony Blues Band) is a way for me to let my music live outside of me.”

Several tracks from Darren’s 2008 album Psychopathic Issues were picked up for radio airplay between the years 2008 and 2009. The most successful track, “Jenna” received heavy rotations on Clear Channel (now iHeart Radio) radio stations around the country during the early summer of 2008 and charted worldwide. However, in the fall of 2008, his father passed away, causing Darren to lose interest in promoting the album. By the spring of 2009, Farris reluctantly resumed promotion of the single “Save Me” with a “deep space transmission” of the song’s debut. At that time, the only broadcast of a song into deep space was The Beatle’s, Across the Universe, making Farris the first American artist to transmit similarly into deep space, and only second to The Beatles worldwide.

No doubt, there will be similar creative adventures coming under the new brand/band name. The name implies a lot about the new direction and attitude.

“I want the new label to represent my new outlook on life,” says Farris. “I don’t take myself- or much of anything too serious these days. I want people to see my brand name and know there is a momentary escape plan available to them.”

Phony Blues Band is based out of Los Angeles, California and will be used to represent Darren Farris Music (ASCAP) and other related projects.



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