Psychopathic Issues Review by Leigh Ann Goldman

Darren Farris

Save yourself some cash and skip your next therapy session- Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Darren Farris’s new album Psychopathic Issues, is just what the doctor ordered. Farris offers up thirteen self-penned/produced tracks drenched in guitar and lyric driven hooks. It would be easy to just get carried away in the stinging guitar riffs and catchy melodies. However, Farris manages to draw you into his world like a rock and roll pied piper.

At first listen, track number two, “Nobody But You” could easily be mistaken as a “who’s who” in lost pop culture. Once you get passed the power-pop rock laced guitar candy, you see that Farris is setting you up for a lesson in procrastination 101. Any songwriter that can manage to bring Mother Teresa, God and Rob Zombie into the same verse, deserves your attention. Track three, “Jenna” is the obvious star of the show. With mild bluesy undertones, mixed with mainstream rock riffs, this track may likely be the signature song of the album. If “Jenna” is like your favorite pair of jeans that you wish you could wear every day, then the guitar solo could be equated to the yearning for that fine wine you only drink on special occasions. On track five, Farris, temporarily brings down the glam with the up-tempo ballad “Save Me”. The lyrics read as the ploy of a young man saying whatever it takes to get laid. However, the words become validated as a genuine ballad, once they are put to music. Being the closest thing to a ballad on the whole album, “Save Me” is an obvious attempt to slow down the adrenaline to prepare you for the title track “Psychopathic Issues”. Farris notes that the title track is a traditional rocker, and is not likely to be released as a single. However, it was his favorite track to record and is the “anthem the record”.

This collection of stinging guitar and lyric driven works, are sure to be quintessential to any rock/pop connoisseurs collection. Psychopathic Issues blends just the right elements of power-pop and mainstream rock to secure a mental grip on the mind- and may very well put your shrink out on the street!

Leigh Ann Goldman
2008 Power-Pop Rock Review

A very special response message from Darren to those who have bought and supported Psychopathic Issues:

When I wrote Psychopathic Issues, I really wanted to take you on somewhat of journey. To do that you have to exorcise a piece of your soul, as well as take some artistic chances. For those of you who listen to this album- from Dark Horizon, to Enigma, I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

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