We have acquired DarrenFarris.nft…


We have added DarrenFarris.nft to our list of options to access our site. It was a very nice gift from Unstoppable Domains. A big thanks and shout out to them. We think they are a great company to be leading the WEB3 revolution that is indeed coming. We will still be primarily promoting our original decentralized web name SAVEFARRIS.NFT because I just don’t like seeing my name on everything. Thanks again to UDs!



Stand up for THE BIG GUY!


I think I have mentioned this more than once here/ But I am in AWE of God’s use of WISDOM to build humans with a VERY reasonable LIFESPAN.

There are SO many wicked and just plain STUPID folks among us.
Can you imagine if they lived WITH US, in that state … for ever?
Hats off to God. Bravo FATHER!

SiriusNet getting off the ground…

John Cusack SirusNet

Tonight we broke new ground on our SiriusNet Web3 project. So excited. I really enjoy learning new things. Also that THRILL of when something WORKS for the first time, when you are expecting it not to.
If you have ever launched a web project and you were intimately involved in the project on the technical side. It’s that moment you see the website just unfold for the first time before your eyes- the coding, the scripts and bandwidth all work together in harmony. It’s very similar to recording music. I will never forget the moment I added the background vox to Jenna and played it for the first time. My face got all flush the hair on my arms stood up. I FELT my vision come to life for the first time.

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