Suspending Recording

Darren Farris

I will be suspending writing/recording for the foreseeable future. I know that seems like a huge U-TURN. But, I’m getting more pleasure from watching my First Born GROW as a musician (ARTIST) and AMAZING songwriter. I am getting more pleasure watching my youngest become a ROCK music enthusiast. I am getting more pleasure watching my middle daughter grow in her law career/education. Most of all I am getting more pleasure building my relationship with God and enjoying the trappings of everyday life.

I do get a lot of pleasure posting at SaveFarris.com and sharing things with people that happen to come across it. I also enjoy the emails and well wishes from you all. I will continue to post here and work with other projects as well. BUT FOR NOW, after hearing my oldest daughters music, and seeing that she is the REAL DEAL who writes from places I could never reach. For the foreseeable future,  I would much rather help and encourage her musical journey- than my own.

So, I will still be around, but just not in the ways I had anticipated when we reopened the website a few months ago. Thanks for understanding!




Maybe we can make the world suck a little less?

Darren Farris Return Note

I am not super interested in the social networks. I know it’s a great place to be seen, but I don’t super care about that either. According to our latest web stats we are being seen regardless. We get tons of visitors and have been consistently since I dropped out of society (I know…I still have to explain all that). I was talking to Gordy about how we get so much traffic here and interest. We still get a ton of sales for Jenna and Save Me all over the world. I know we are getting some late night airplay on some radio too. Our hypothesis is that people find the song and then GOOGLE the artist Darren Farris (aka ME) and they end up HERE..


Anyway, since there is some interest maybe we can do something positive with it. I know the world sort of sucks right now, so maybe we can make it suck a little less? Maybe just a little.



I am getting around to things…slowly…

Darren Farris Return Note

Things seem to be moving slow in some areas, and faster in others. I think getting SaveFarris back up after over a DECADE was a MASSIVE leap for me the SUPER PROCRASTINATOR! I thought if we could come up with something that was BY me but not ABOUT me, then it would be a worthy endeavor. I really do think that is starting to cultivate very slowly. So much has been done, yet there is so much left to do. I am putting together some ALBUM reviews of some of my favorite albums. I enjoy talking about music, so this is something I hope will eventually turn into a podcast or something like that.

I gotta run. I will follow up in this later!




Dear Abby…Social Anxiety

Darren Farris

Dear Abby,
I used to be very protective of my three girls online privacy. I would go so far out of my way to be very careful not to mention them in any way that would reveal or exploit our private life.
I was so protective about our sacred home life and precious moments of candor- only for them to grow up and blab EVERYTHING they feel (and then some) on social media.

Is this just me?

Darren the Dinosaur


Darren Farris

It’s  been a long time since I have sort of peeked my head out (12 years is a while). I guess I have some explaining to do. In due time I will do just that. I don’t know when or how it will happen, but I will get around to it. I have been living a great life (knock on wood) and I feel VERY thankful to be doing so. I am working on some new and old music, poetry and creative writings. So hang in there! If I wait around to try to find the right words to explain what has been going on in my head the last decade, this project will never get off the ground. I am just going to get on the horse and start riding and along the journey hopefully some things will just REVEAL.

I know we have sold a lot of music during this hiatus, but I’m not sure how much true “interest” that translates into. Regardless, I do have a creative itch that needs an outlet- so here we are. So whoever is reading this… Talk to you soon!



Darren Farris 1984

We are getting closer to launching this site! This will be my first website in over a decade. This is so much fun for me. I can’t wait to start posting my, thoughts explanations and my WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.

Hang in there! Hopefully we can take down that crummy Darren Is Hiding From the World splash page soon!

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