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Maybe we can make the world suck a little less?

I am not super interested in the social networks. I know it’s a great place to be seen, but I don’t super care about that either. According to our latest web stats we are being seen regardless. We get tons of visitors and have been consistently since I dropped out of society (I know…I still have to explain all that). I was talking to Gordy about how we get so much traffic here and interest. We still get a ton of sales for Jenna and Save Me all over the world. I know we are getting some late night airplay on some radio too. Our hypothesis is that people find the song and then GOOGLE the artist Darren Farris (aka ME) and they end up HERE..


Anyway, since there is some interest maybe we can do something positive with it. I know the world sort of sucks right now, so maybe we can make it suck a little less? Maybe just a little.



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