The unknown and the WHAT IF?

Darren Farris - Returning NFT

When the girls were young, we would sometimes load up the Jeep, that later became the Escalade (an exact replica of Woody Harrelson’s  in Zombieland, that I miss every time I pass one- I digress) and head out to Las Vegas on a Friday night, impromptu as many of our family adventures. We still do that, but not as often now that AF1 and 2 are older. Anyway, while everyone was asleep, I would listen to Art Bell as I would drive through the desert night. The stories were so insane, but Art had this way of never really going along with a guest, at the same time he would never act as though what they were saying wasn’t the gospel truth. I really miss people like that when they leave the world. There is a bit of a hole that never quite gets filled. Anyway, just a thought as I have a bout of insomnia tonight.

I think deep down humans just love a mystery. Sometimes that’s what helps us hold on- the unknown and the what if?



We have acquired DarrenFarris.nft…


We have added DarrenFarris.nft to our list of options to access our site. It was a very nice gift from Unstoppable Domains. A big thanks and shout out to them. We think they are a great company to be leading the WEB3 revolution that is indeed coming. We will still be primarily promoting our original decentralized web name SAVEFARRIS.NFT because I just don’t like seeing my name on everything. Thanks again to UDs!



Stand up for THE BIG GUY!


I think I have mentioned this more than once here/ But I am in AWE of God’s use of WISDOM to build humans with a VERY reasonable LIFESPAN.

There are SO many wicked and just plain STUPID folks among us.
Can you imagine if they lived WITH US, in that state … for ever?
Hats off to God. Bravo FATHER!

SiriusNet getting off the ground…

John Cusack SirusNet

Tonight we broke new ground on our SiriusNet Web3 project. So excited. I really enjoy learning new things. Also that THRILL of when something WORKS for the first time, when you are expecting it not to.
If you have ever launched a web project and you were intimately involved in the project on the technical side. It’s that moment you see the website just unfold for the first time before your eyes- the coding, the scripts and bandwidth all work together in harmony. It’s very similar to recording music. I will never forget the moment I added the background vox to Jenna and played it for the first time. My face got all flush the hair on my arms stood up. I FELT my vision come to life for the first time.

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As the WEB3 and the decentralized web becomes more “mainstream” it will be easier to access this content. BUT FOR NOW you sort of have to jump through some tiny hoops!


Psychopathic Issues Review by Leigh Ann Goldman

Darren Farris

Save yourself some cash and skip your next therapy session- Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Darren Farris’s new album Psychopathic Issues, is just what the doctor ordered. Farris offers up thirteen self-penned/produced tracks drenched in guitar and lyric driven hooks. It would be easy to just get carried away in the stinging guitar riffs and catchy melodies. However, Farris manages to draw you into his world like a rock and roll pied piper.

At first listen, track number two, “Nobody But You” could easily be mistaken as a “who’s who” in lost pop culture. Once you get passed the power-pop rock laced guitar candy, you see that Farris is setting you up for a lesson in procrastination 101. Any songwriter that can manage to bring Mother Teresa, God and Rob Zombie into the same verse, deserves your attention. Track three, “Jenna” is the obvious star of the show. With mild bluesy undertones, mixed with mainstream rock riffs, this track may likely be the signature song of the album. If “Jenna” is like your favorite pair of jeans that you wish you could wear every day, then the guitar solo could be equated to the yearning for that fine wine you only drink on special occasions. On track five, Farris, temporarily brings down the glam with the up-tempo ballad “Save Me”. The lyrics read as the ploy of a young man saying whatever it takes to get laid. However, the words become validated as a genuine ballad, once they are put to music. Being the closest thing to a ballad on the whole album, “Save Me” is an obvious attempt to slow down the adrenaline to prepare you for the title track “Psychopathic Issues”. Farris notes that the title track is a traditional rocker, and is not likely to be released as a single. However, it was his favorite track to record and is the “anthem the record”.

This collection of stinging guitar and lyric driven works, are sure to be quintessential to any rock/pop connoisseurs collection. Psychopathic Issues blends just the right elements of power-pop and mainstream rock to secure a mental grip on the mind- and may very well put your shrink out on the street!

Leigh Ann Goldman
2008 Power-Pop Rock Review

A very special response message from Darren to those who have bought and supported Psychopathic Issues:

When I wrote Psychopathic Issues, I really wanted to take you on somewhat of journey. To do that you have to exorcise a piece of your soul, as well as take some artistic chances. For those of you who listen to this album- from Dark Horizon, to Enigma, I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

John Lennon’s last interview…and it may be his best

John Lennon Save Farris

December 8th, 1980 – John’s last interview

I few years ago I watched John Lennon’s last televised interview. But, come to find out that was not his LAST interview. I came across this one today. This appears to be his very last interview just days before he was murdered outside of his New York apartment. This is a really great candid interview that touches on so many topics. It’s primarily centered around the new album with Yoko, Double Fantasy and his return to music after being a house dad for half a decade (something I can sort of relate to in a very BIG way).

I never realized how much we had in common as FATHERS and our ideas for bringing up kids and most of all our DEEP LOVE for our children.

Listening to this interview is especially meaningful to me right now since Aubrey is about to turn 13 and she is wanting to leave the nest and go to government (public) school. I won’t go into all of that, but John and I could have talked “DAD” shop just as well as music.

There are several edited versions of this audio online, however, the one I am posting appears to be the LEAST edited. There is so much brilliant candor about the contemporary artists of that moment (1980) and John even gives insight as to who he was listening to at the time. For instance he mentions that he liked Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart in particular. For me, it’s those little nuggets that I find fascinating.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!




This interview was recorded 12 hours before John Lennon’s assassination. The photo present in the video was taken on the same day, and the person on the left of the photo is one of the interviewers (Dave Sholin). This interview took place at the Dakota Apartments (Lennon’s home at the time) and was done by multiple interviewers, including Dave Sholin, Laurie Kaye, and Bert Keane.

Suspending Recording

Darren Farris

I will be suspending writing/recording for the foreseeable future. I know that seems like a huge U-TURN. But, I’m getting more pleasure from watching my First Born GROW as a musician (ARTIST) and AMAZING songwriter. I am getting more pleasure watching my youngest become a ROCK music enthusiast. I am getting more pleasure watching my middle daughter grow in her law career/education. Most of all I am getting more pleasure building my relationship with God and enjoying the trappings of everyday life.

I do get a lot of pleasure posting at SaveFarris.com and sharing things with people that happen to come across it. I also enjoy the emails and well wishes from you all. I will continue to post here and work with other projects as well. BUT FOR NOW, after hearing my oldest daughters music, and seeing that she is the REAL DEAL who writes from places I could never reach. For the foreseeable future,  I would much rather help and encourage her musical journey- than my own.

So, I will still be around, but just not in the ways I had anticipated when we reopened the website a few months ago. Thanks for understanding!




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