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John Lennon’s last interview…and it may be his best

December 8th, 1980 – John’s last interview

I few years ago I watched John Lennon’s last televised interview. But, come to find out that was not his LAST interview. I came across this one today. This appears to be his very last interview just days before he was murdered outside of his New York apartment. This is a really great candid interview that touches on so many topics. It’s primarily centered around the new album with Yoko, Double Fantasy and his return to music after being a house dad for half a decade (something I can sort of relate to in a very BIG way).

I never realized how much we had in common as FATHERS and our ideas for bringing up kids and most of all our DEEP LOVE for our children.

Listening to this interview is especially meaningful to me right now since Aubrey is about to turn 13 and she is wanting to leave the nest and go to government (public) school. I won’t go into all of that, but John and I could have talked “DAD” shop just as well as music.

There are several edited versions of this audio online, however, the one I am posting appears to be the LEAST edited. There is so much brilliant candor about the contemporary artists of that moment (1980) and John even gives insight as to who he was listening to at the time. For instance he mentions that he liked Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart in particular. For me, it’s those little nuggets that I find fascinating.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!




This interview was recorded 12 hours before John Lennon’s assassination. The photo present in the video was taken on the same day, and the person on the left of the photo is one of the interviewers (Dave Sholin). This interview took place at the Dakota Apartments (Lennon’s home at the time) and was done by multiple interviewers, including Dave Sholin, Laurie Kaye, and Bert Keane.

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