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Suspending Recording

I will be suspending writing/recording for the foreseeable future. I know that seems like a huge U-TURN. But, I’m getting more pleasure from watching my First Born GROW as a musician (ARTIST) and AMAZING songwriter. I am getting more pleasure watching my youngest become a ROCK music enthusiast. I am getting more pleasure watching my middle daughter grow in her law career/education. Most of all I am getting more pleasure building my relationship with God and enjoying the trappings of everyday life.

I do get a lot of pleasure posting at SaveFarris.com and sharing things with people that happen to come across it. I also enjoy the emails and well wishes from you all. I will continue to post here and work with other projects as well. BUT FOR NOW, after hearing my oldest daughters music, and seeing that she is the REAL DEAL who writes from places I could never reach. For the foreseeable future,  I would much rather help and encourage her musical journey- than my own.

So, I will still be around, but just not in the ways I had anticipated when we reopened the website a few months ago. Thanks for understanding!




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