Darren Farris


It’s  been a long time since I have sort of peeked my head out (12 years is a while). I guess I have some explaining to do. In due time I will do just that. I don’t know when or how it will happen, but I will get around to it. I have been living a great life (knock on wood) and I feel VERY thankful to be doing so. I am working on some new and old music, poetry and creative writings. So hang in there! If I wait around to try to find the right words to explain what has been going on in my head the last decade, this project will never get off the ground. I am just going to get on the horse and start riding and along the journey hopefully some things will just REVEAL.

I know we have sold a lot of music during this hiatus, but I’m not sure how much true “interest” that translates into. Regardless, I do have a creative itch that needs an outlet- so here we are. So whoever is reading this… Talk to you soon!


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