Big star!

How are we doing?

I decided before we brought back the website that this would be a place for POSITIVE and UPLIFTING vibes! And most of all- not a place for me to virtue signal, convince you to THINK like me, or try to increase my already overly inflated ego. At the same time, I wanted to use this is somewhat of a journal and bookmark of things I like or come across that interest me- trying to uphold the aforementioned at the same time.

I know we are late setting up a lot of stuff, but like you I am living a life along the way. I have 3 daughters, a wife- all 3 at different levels in their life (my dog is even a girl- God is trying to show me something, I am certain). I am literally the last man standing in my house. Then everything else that comes flying into my universe along the journey. I am spread pretty thin- to say the least.

I know we got a lot of regulars again (than you kindly). Let me know how I am doing!


Re: the photo:

Okay this a photo of my first REAL job besides my paper route. I lied and said I was 16 (back then you could get away with that). I worked there all through high school. 3:25 an hour!

Luckily the name of the place was NOT a foretelling of my future! or my life would have been severely altered- and I like THIS ONE a lot!  Ha Ha

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