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    β€’ 1 year, 5 months ago

    Here’s one I would always play when I would take AF1 and AF2 to the beach when they were little. They would just be going nuts in the back seat of my old c230 with the sunroof open because neither of them were big enough for the front seat yet. They were too cute. Any beach I was taking them to I would call it Rockaway Beach. Usually it was Zuma. #ListeningToNow

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Just here for the free stuff...

I should say something about myself here. Maybe later.

My name is Darren Farris not Darren FerrisΒ  ...not Darin Farris...not Ferris Buller ...not Bobby Darin ... not James Darren ... not Darren Hayes ...not Darius Rucker ...not Darrin Stevens ... not Darren Criss and not Dionne Farris.

Just getting it out of the way.


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