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  • No Dr. Evil here…

  • This child star is EVIL

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    • I try to teach my girls to trust NO ONE and I get flack for that from some people, some VERY low information type people. I am okay with that. Most psychopaths look and act just like you and me. They go to the same places we go, they laugh at the same jokes we laugh at, etc. The big difference is they have the ability to take a life for money,…Read More

  • It Takes A Thief pilot, titled “Magnificent Thief

  • It is a sad thing to think of, but there is no doubt that genius lasts longer than beauty. That accounts for the fact that we all take such pains to over-educate ourselves. In the wild struggle for existence, we want to have something that endures, and so we fill our minds with rubbish and facts, in the silly hope of keeping our place. The thoroughly well-informed man--that is the modern ideal. And the mind of the thoroughly well-informed man is a dreadful thing. It is like a bric-a-brac shop, all monsters and dust, with everything priced above its proper value.

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

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