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LOL OK! and thx!

Thanks... kind of. 😶‍🌫️

I'm going to take it as a win. 50% is better than 0... there is also some truth there. Sometimes I suck. Don't let me give a great song a bad rep!😇

Yeah! But I remember when I first had to send an email. I had to have someone help me! Embarrassing 😳 now. And funny

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About Me

Darren Farris

Just here for the free stuff...

I should say something about myself here. Maybe later.

My name is Darren Farris not Darren Ferris  ...not Darin Farris...not Ferris Buller ...not Bobby Darin ... not James Darren ... not Darren Hayes ...not Darius Rucker ...not Darrin Stevens ... not Darren Criss and not Dionne Farris.

Just getting it out of the way.


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