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    • Vernon Presley sent this to our family in 1978. Not sure how many of these are still around, but it means a lot to me. My mom handed it down to me several years ago. The Elvis Presley story is full of happiness, hope and also tragedy.

      • I burned a candle for Lisa Marie. Elvis was something special to our family. Growing up in a world without Elvis Presley would have really sucked for me. I would never have made it this far without Rock and Roll.

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I should say something about myself here. Maybe later.

My name is Darren Farris not Darren FerrisΒ  ...not Darin Farris...not Ferris Buller ...not Bobby Darin ... not James Darren ... not Darren Hayes ...not Darius Rucker ...not Darrin Stevens ... not Darren Criss and not Dionne Farris.

Just getting it out of the way.


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