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  • I know we have the group Ner-d for all of my nerdy stuff.

    But sometimes I take it a step further and slip into just plain GEEKY stuff! Enjoy!

  • Twitter sucks so bad- but it could be so good.

  • Yeah, but also many Americans- and most of the western world are sort of idiots. We are reaping what we have sown…

    May the best man win. I hope it’s us! Wake up before it’s too late…

  • Little children, watch…

    • Full disclosure: I don’t know anyone that isn’t addicted to social media. When MySpace came out, I got a addicted to it because at that time, that’s where ALL musicians went, especially the new ones. My music had an insane audience there, enough to get the attention of Clear Channel (now iHeart) and chart JENNA, as song that had zero business…Read More

      • I have never liked GROUP THINK and the moment I see it, I begin to back peddle. This is why I have grown to hate politics. The very far left and the very far right are BOTH equally insane. The political uninformed are annoying and dangerous because they simply do the bidding of the extremes.

        • Social media is the ultimate NUDGING tool. When someone needs to NUDGE you into something, they are trying to SUBTIL or deceptive, hiding their true intentions until they have you thoroughly, mentally PREPPED . I find that to be very wicked and part of the BEASTLY aspects of mankind.

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  • What happened to OneNote? 🤔

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